Recent Works
Recent Works


Emily Hsiang-Yun Huang (X.Y. Huang)  is a visual artist and researcher of contemporary art theory  based in Taiwan and the Netherlands. 

She has worked at  Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab as a coordinator and researcher and has since also cooperated with Taipei Digital Art Center and TheCube Project Space.  

Besides research, she organizes and leads art education programs and creative workshops.  She gave lectures at Lightbox PhotoLibrary and taught art courses at Onfoto Studio (Creative Photography Education Institution)  

She completed her bachelor in Philosophy at National Taiwan University, before going on to graduate at  the Film and Photographic Studies master at Leiden University(NL)  with the thesis “The Treatment of Time in Cinema: A Case Study of Cinema of Long Take, Tsai-Ming Liang’s Stray Dogs (2013) and What Time Is It There? (2001)” employing a Deleuzian framework. 

As a Researcher 

Huang's research focuses on transmedia arts, moving image, and in the contexts of post-colonialism, post-humanism and the politics of time. 

Guest curator of panel discussion the anonymity dilemma - online gender-based violence and information warfare

Curator of one of the largest Digital Art Festival in Taiwan, dealing with the issues of post-truth and digital materialism in the context of digital globalization.

  • 2020 , Uchronia, Taiwan and the Netherlands  

Initiated and produced a web-based artwork about post-colonial identity and the methodology of history. The project  includes a physical exhibition at Gallery F studio and appearances on several online art platforms.

Initiated a curatorial project including  a webinar and online performances exploring net.arts from the perspective of the Global South.

  • 2018 and 2021, Cloud Art Critics - Internet Culture and Art Practice, Taiwan and the Globe

Wrote independent visual arts critiques concerning with a focus on the influence of internet culture in the context of globalization, control society, and liquid modernity. 

*The above-mentioned projects were all supported by the National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan. 

  • 2019 Report of Survey on Mapping Cases of Immersive Art and Relevant Theoretical Framework, Taiwan.

Researched and conducted interviews with VR artists and producers. 

*The project is commissioned by Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab. 

  • 2017, Portfolio Reviewer and Art Theory Consultancy, the Netherlands.

Helped artists draw relation between their artworks and theories and suggested exhibition formats. AKV|St.JoostM.A. Photography Graduation Exhibition: ReallyReal, Roodkapje, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

As a Visual Artist

Huang is active in areas of poetry, photography and performance film. 

  • 2021, Artist, Mondrian Artist Start Grant, the Netherlands. 
  • 2022, Director, When The Party Is About To End, screened in Cinedance Festival, Eye Museum, the Netherlands. 
  • 2020-2021, Director, Narrow Gate, Performance Film, screened in the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade (MoCA) and Venice International Performance Art Week curated by the artistic duo VestAndPage as part of the Performance Art Program conceived by Marta Jovanović.
  • 2019, Video Artist, Roud Table, Video Art, Taiwan, Wild Out Season Video Festival, thatalright Art Space, Taipei,  Taiwan.
  • 2019, Performance Artist, In-between Identity, Performance Art Residency, Performance Site, DenHaag, the Netherlands. 
  • 2018, Poet, The Duration of Rainy Time (First collection of poetry)
  • 2017, Assistant Set Designer, No Party For Cao Dong’s song Big Wing Blows, Music Video, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • 2016, Video Artist, The Time is Out of Joint, Video Art, selected by Larga Vida a la Nueva Carne Project, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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